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In 1968, Jerry McGrath purchased his first serious camera. It was a Minolta 35 mm film camera and produced many fine photos during his 14 month tour in Vietnam. However, it and other cameras were used intermittently until the Digital Photography Revolution struck, resulting in a transformation in much of Jerry McGrath's life activities. He rarely goes anywhere without his Canon DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras. They have captured images which Jerry loves sharing. His collection of photographs was created during the last 5 years at various locations throughout the United States.

A graduate of Queens College (B.A.) and Long Island University at Southampton (M.A.), Jerry taught at the Wading River Elementary School for 30 years. Mr. McGrath is also known as Captain Jerry, since he has been licensed by the USCG to operate boats since 1980. In addition to photography, sportfishing has always been a lifelong passion of his. Jerry has conducted countless fishing seminars & formal classes for kids and adults over the last 4 decades.

​​Sportfishing Adventures with Captain Jerry McGrath

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